Our Services

We fully understand the profound impact that crystal-clear, blissful vision can have on every aspect of your life. Whether you seek a routine eye examination, treatment for an eye ailment, or guidance on the latest eyewear trends that ignite your soul, it is our fervent mission to provide you with unparalleled care and assistance with warmth and compassion. 

Eyewear Repair

Daily life happens, that means things break or bend, etc. Our eyewear repair service includes realignment, screw tightening, nose pad replacement and more.

Eyeglasses Selection

You want to see clearly and still look your best. That's where we come in. We help you select the frame that best suits you!

Contact Fitting

We help you manage your contact lens wearing. We prescribe, and fit your contact lenses. Next we train you on insertion and removal, and monitor the ongoing health of your eyes during contact lens wear.

Eye Testing

We conduct thorough eye tests to assess visual acuity, eye coordination, and overall eye health.

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